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ALON MP3 Dictaphone is fully compatible with:

  • Symbian 9.1 Series 60 3rd Ed
  • Symbian 9.2 Series 60 3rd Ed
  • Symbian 9.3 Series 60 3rd Ed FP2
  • Symbian ^1
  • Symbian ^3
  • Symbian Anna
  • Symbian Belle
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Available languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Russian


Only available for 14-day trial.


Versions of ALON MP3 Dictaphone

All versions of ALON MP3 Dictaphone
Version License Language O.S.
ALON MP3 Dictaphone 2.99 11/01/12 Trial version English
  • Symbian 9.1 Series 60 3rd Ed
  • Symbian 9.2 Series 60 3rd Ed
  • Symbian 9.3 Series 60 3rd Ed FP2
  • Symbian ^1
  • Symbian ^3
  • Symbian Anna
  • Symbian Belle

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Excellent application featuring sound recorder and player

James Thornton

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Recent changes

  • Added 128 kbps support for recorging

ALON MP3 Dictaphone supports the following formats


  • Supports a wide range of formats
  • Quick access to common functions
  • Internet radio included

ALON MP3 Dictaphone for Nokia S60 is the first high-quality MP3, AMR, WAV dictaphone, phone calls recorder and MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4, AMR, WAV audio player with built-in 3-Band Parametric Equalizer, M3U Playlists and hot buttons.

  • Supports AAC/MP4 format
  • Improved loading interface
  • Record phone calls
  • Record in AMR format
  • Player supports AMR format

Now you receive three applications instead of one: voice dictaphone, phone calls recorder and music player! You may easily turn your smartphone into advanced digital dictaphone and start to record lectures, conversations, interviews in MP3, AMR and WAV formats. With ALON MP3 Dictaphone you can record your phone calls in AMR and WAV formats and listen to your favorite music in MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4, AMR and WAV - the most popular audio formats.

Audio recorder

  • First MP3 Recorder for Nokia S60!

  • Multilingual support: German, French, Greek, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Serbian, Spanish, Polish languages

  • Two types of gain control besides automatic: during the recording you may adjust the recording level manually by using Joystick as well as you change the volume during listening to music; also you may choose one of four positions of microphone gain before recording

  • ALON MP3 Dictapone allows you to save lots of memory space by keeping you recordings in MP3 - the most popular audio format

  • Support 9 audio formats in all

  • You may record to any location of your phone including memory card and create new folder

  • You can move, rename, delete and send your recordings

Phone calls recorder

  • Support AMR and WAV audio formats

  • Two types of call recording: automatic and manual

  • You may record both to memory card and internal memory

Audio player

  • Pause and resume playback during/after incoming calls. You can keep listening to music

  • You may choose any folder and all subfolders from any location on your phone for playback

  • The Player gives opportunity to organize your own music library by creating the folders with your favourite tracks using the possibilities of moving, renaming and deleting tracks

  • You may choose the way of playing the list: Play track, Play list, Loop track, Loop playlist, Randomize

  • You may choose the way of positioning the tracks at the list: showing the beginning or the end

"no pause during record"

  • 8.0
  • 8.0
  • usability8
  • Stability8
  • Installation9
  • Functionality6
  • Appearance8

Good quality sound recorder, easy to use.

One problem for me is that there is no pause during record. I want to dictate for my secretary to type. while I am thinking what to say, I need a pause button. the only option seems to be stop and then start to record a new recording with a new name eg record2

It would be even better if there was a rewind function during record (for example to delete the last few seconds and continue the recording.) Unfortunately there is not.


  • good sound reproduction quality
  • no pause during record

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19 Sep 2009

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